Dave Crevelt Memorial Fund Scholarships

Portrait of Dave

The David Crevelt Memorial Fund was established in May 2006 by the Crevelt Family in honor of Dave's great commitment to the development of youth — on and off the soccer field. The scholarship fund aims to continue Dave Crevelt's tradition to inspire players and youth facing overwhelming challenges, to reach for more than what is on the field, demonstrate their initiative in overcoming it and to believe in themselves to further their studies and excel in their life.

The David Crevelt Memorial Fund was established in order to provide scholarships to young people who exhibited the "Dave Crevelt " spirit, that is, embrace challenges with initiative and determination, live up to your individual potential and leadership, and give of yourself tirelessly to your community. Please refer to David's Rules of Life on this website for further insight into the Dave Crevelt spirit. The DCMF believes by rewarding this spirit in our college-bound high school and junior college students, we are better serving future generations to live in a world where there is an abundance and love and not a place of scarcity and fear.

Scholarship applications should be submitted through a sponsoring non-profit organization, such as a high school, junior college, soccer club, etc. Ask your organization to participate in The Scoring For Our Youth Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Application